Reduce Fuel Consumption

Enviro-Save reduces fuel consumption by cleaning and restoring fuel injector performance, and by significantly reducing wear, friction and drag in all engines, transmissions, differentials, power-steering and all other component configurations. Enviro-Save customers who use our Powertrain Protection Kit normally report the following fuel savings: Automobiles 10% to 15% and Commercial Trucks, Buses, HD Equipment & Farm Equipment 6% to 9%, and higher figures are common. Fuel is consumed to overcome friction/drag, so when you reduce friction/drag you save fuel. Friction causes wear and oil sample analysis always confirms wear has been reduced, less wear and less friction equals longer life, less fuel and this is all accomplished with ONE treatment of Enviro-Save.

Protection with Metal Treatment

Enviro-Save’s inert micro resin impregnation process affords excellent bearing surface protection in vehicles and equipment when in storage, when unexpected low or no oil or coolant happens, and when vehicles or equipment are operated at maximum output. The micro resin provides excellent protection to fuel injectors and fuel pumps against water, contaminants and even when gasoline is mixed in diesel fuel. Protection is also extended to oil seals and the metals they contact due to the resin impregnation process making surfaces smoother and reducing contaminants passing by oil seals. Hydraulic system protection is excellent, due to reducing wear metal particles and less contaminants getting by oil seals. For confirmation click here

The Product

All Enviro-Save products are thoroughly researched and technically formulated to provide the safest and most beneficial treatment for every component being treated. Lubrication Engineers, a Tribologist, Mechanical Engineers, engine rebuilders and veteran mechanics were engaged to produce Enviro-Save Metal Treatment so there are no risks when using it. There are products for virtually anything that moves and Enviro-Save Powertrain Protection Kits are available for any type or combination of vehicle or equipment. The product is very easy to use and each kit comes with instructions and application hoses.

Enviromental Friendly - Go Green

It has never made more sense to GO GREEN, global pollution is out of control and it’s a moral issue, not a political issue. We all must get involved and do our part to help reduce global pollution and clean up our polluted earth. Our experience since 1990 with Enviro-Save and our local government mandatory vehicle Air Care test program consistently showed harmful exhaust emissions are normally reduced by 25% to 50% and higher reductions are commonly achieved, depending on engine condition. There are too many ways Enviro-Save treatments reduce pollution to list here, for additional info in detail click here

Would you like to have more horse power & increase normal vehicle life by 2 or 3 times?

A One Time Investment & Application of Enviro-Save normally provides all of the above benefits by reducing friction, drag & metal bearing surface wear. Ford Motor test confirmed 5.28% increase in horse power, 21.8 more foot pounds of torque and many other benefits.
There are only 2 ways to reduce friction & wear in lubricated mechanical components:
1) Use better lubricants
2) Make the bearing surfaces smoother = Enviro-Save
Enviro-Save impregnates all friction bearing surfaces with micro resin, which makes them smoother permanently. Before and after treatment scientific oil sample analysis reports support Enviro-Save performance claims.

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