Why Use Enviro-Save!

It is a One Time Investment, Pays for Itself, Return on Investment over time is normally into the 1000’s of percent and you help reduce global pollution in various ways for future generations. It pays you to GO GREEN!

The only product that has consistently confirmed such a wide variety of positive performance results and benefits since 1990, and all performance claims are supported by scientific oil sample analysis reports. The conservative average of reducing metal wear rates by 50% confirms it is easy to double or triple normal component life while reducing costs.

Lubrication and Mechanical Engineers who have performed their due diligence on Enviro-Save and are not influenced by big oil or manufacturers will confirm using Enviro-Save is beneficial to you and our environment. Some have stated Enviro-Save has no competitors!

What is the dollar value of reducing friction, drag and metal wear by 50% on every bearing surface in your automobiles, trucks, boats and equipment etc with Enviro-Save?

What is the dollar value of reducing automobile fuel consumption by 10% and more for life?

What is the dollar value of reducing commercial truck / bus and farm / construction equipment fuel consumption by 6% to 9% for life?

What is the dollar value of reducing electricity consumption by 8% to 15% or more for life when treating electrically driven items such as: air compressors, gear boxes, hydraulic systems and any other factory or production equipment driven by electric motors?

Common Sense Cost Reducer - One time capital expense that increases your bottom line!

Start today by extending the life of all your assets with Enviro-Save!

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