Our Philosophy

To manufacture and market a variety of products which are of the highest quality possible, that will save consumers money in various ways and also to be part of the solution in reducing global pollution. Experience since 1990 has proven that by using Enviro-Save products we reduce pollution and help humanity. We are only interested in selling the right products for the precise components, so Enviro-Save will be installed properly and will not be misused. It is a fact that all surfaces on earth are rough, so Enviro-Save works every time it is used as per manufacturer’s recommendations.

The Product

Enviro-Save Engine & Powertrain Protection Metal Treatment (Enviro-Save) is a unique one of a kind proprietary product that imparts an ultra-low inertfriction property to the lubricated friction bearing surfaces of all moving parts in engines, transmissions, differentials, hydraulics and machinery of any configuration. Unlike repetitive oil additives that are supposed to enhance oils, Enviro-Save is used once and it works at the bearing surface metal level that will last for the life of your vehicle. Enviro-Save only uses lubricants as a carrier and will not alter lubricant characteristics.

Our Services

Quality control of manufacturing is the most important function of our Enviro-Save business and customer satisfaction is parallel. We strive to understand our customer’s activities, vehicles and equipment configurations so we are able to precisely recommend only the required products that will provide the ultimate benefits and return on investment. We assemble the “one of a kind Enviro-Save Powertrain Protection Kits” for all vehicles and customize kits for absolutely any type or configuration of heavy duty or light equipment or machinery. We provide the necessary time so our customers understand what Enviro-Save is, how it works and how to accurately confirm the benefits after treating components. Once we receive all the component information, we normally confirm the required product and cost within 48 hours and are available for onsite discussion.

Free Estimates

In order for us to provide you with accurate Enviro-Save costs, we must confirm the year, manufacturer, model, engine size, number of cylinders and if a vehicle, does it have an automatic or manual transmission, front or rear wheel drive, 4 X 4 or AWD.

Diesel Engines only; due to our Diesel Engine Pre-treatment Cleaner, we need the crankcase oil capacity and engine displacement size.

The component makeup of equipment and machinery varies a lot and we need to receive or source the “Refill Lube Capacities” in order to determine size and the correct amount of Enviro-Save for each component so friction, drag and wear are reduced to the maximum.

The Price List contains most vehicles and many common equipment models, but do not hesitate to contact us to confirm what products you require for your equipment.


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